CPD Validation Applications

CPD Validation Applications
Professionals registered with SACLAP are required to send annual CPD submissions to SACALP on activities they have participated to show their Continued Professional Development. CPD credits for Category 1 activities can be claimed by professionals who have attended validated short courses or events. The activities may be organised or hosted by ILASA, one of its regional committees or third party service providers. The process of review and validation of activities has been formalised and managed by the ILASA CPD committee in accordance with the requirements and criteria determined by SACLAP. This  process starts with the orgainser or host completing an online application. Keep in mind payment of an application fee is due before the application will be reviewed. For activities arranged by ILASA or one its regions the fee maybe waived.

Online Application

To apply you will need –

  1. CV for each of the presenters.
  2. Programme or curriculum of the event.
  3. Proof of Payment for the required accreditation fee:
    •    For Webinars, Lectures and Courses the fee is R200 per hour applied for.
    •    For Conferences the fee is R160 per hour applied for.
    •    For internal ILASA branch events there is no accreditation fee.
    •    If your event is for 2 hours, the fee would be 2 x R200 = 400 etc.
Please deposit or transfer to our ABSA account: ILASA Account 9295002636 Branch 632005

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