ILASA – UDISA Conference 2020
16 & 17 September 2020

In partnership with:


“Appropriate Public Places in the Global South”

The Institute for Landscape Architecture in South Africa (ILASA) is pleased to announce a joint conference in partnership with the Urban Design Institute of South Africa (UDISA) with Corobrik as our valued primary sponsor to be held in Gauteng on 16 and 17 September 2020.

The intent of the conference is to create a space and place of intersection between the disciplines of Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and the actors who inhabit and act on the spaces of the contemporary cities of the Global South to promote cross-fertilisation of ideas and questioning of stereotypes, i.e. ‘stirring things up’.

Here is quotation from Aboumaliq Simone from his 2010 book “City Life from Jakarta to Dakar: Movements at the Crossroads” to clarify what is intended to be covered in papers and case studies submitted for the conference proceedings.

“We are familiar with crossroads – cities are full of them. But it isn’t just a spatial notion. Anywhere can be a crossroads at a time. The key is how spaces get named crossroads – points and experiences of intersection… how any place in a city can become a moment and opportunity to create the experience of a crossroads where things intersect – in other words, take the opportunity to change each other around by being in that space, getting rid of the familiar ways of and plans for doing things and finding new possibilities by whatever is gathered there.”

The idea of the conference presentations is to keep things simple with a broad theme that encompasses Landscape Architecture and Urban Design without channelling these into narrow sub-themes, but let each speaker broaden the discussion in their own way without boxing them into either disciplines usual focus or stereotypes. The intention is to invite speakers on African or Global South urbanism from both inside and outside either discipline, that leads to new ways of viewing the challenges and highlights opportunities faced by those living and working in the field of public space design, construction and management and to demonstrate how through interaction and co-design these become places of value within the urban fabric. 

Call for Submissions

The ILASA – UDISA  2020 Conference seeks demonstrative design projects, business cases and presentation proposals that exhibit positive interventions and methodologies that strive to express the theme “Appropriate Public Places in the Global South”. The conference aims to attract landscape and urban practitioners; both within the Landscape Architectural and Urban Design professions and from the broader range of academics and professionals, including also the natural and social sciences disciplines, that interface with urban public spaces natural and human flows and thus co-create the framework for urban places to emerge as places at all scales.

There will be two types of moderated and respondent sessions: paper and case study. Submissions for each type will go through a panel review process. Speakers should submit an abstract, highlighting presentation outcomes, of no more than 350 words and 5 keywords. The abstract should clearly state the main topic or purposes, methods, principal findings, key implications and recommendations (300 words). It should additionally clearly state why the submission is relevant to urban places through the creation of space in a novel way (50 words).

Deadline for submissions:

Proposals should be submitted online by no later than 30 April 2020.

Submit Here

The sessions of the conference will work as follows:

1) Paper sessions (15-20 minutes) presenting informative theoretical work with clear demonstrative practical implications and outcomes – designated respondents will comment. Following many back-to-back presentations there will be a moderated general discussion.

Final papers for the conference proceedings should be no more than 2500 words in length.

At least five images / graphics should be included, and a 200-word biography submitted.

Papers must contain an introduction, the methods, results, discussion and conclusion and be submitted in accordance with the conference style and layout template.

2) Case and business study presentations (15-20 minutes), a critical focus on examples with technical detail and learning content – designated respondents will comment. Following many back-to-back presentations there will be a moderated general discussion.

Final presentations for the conference could take one of two options below:

  1. a) Be no more than 2500 words in length. At least ten images / graphics should be included and a 200-word biography, [like paper sessions]
  2. b) Have an image on each slide with minimal text but include a 1000-word executive summary (main points associated with each image that reads as a unified narrative) and include a 200-word biography, [a more visual based presentation]

The case and business study presentations must explain the project focus, effectiveness, lessons learned and innovative approaches or technologies employed and be submitted in accordance with the conference style and layout template.

Time Frames

30 March 2020: Submission of abstracts on website opens:

15 May 2020: Deadline for abstracts

25 May 2020: Notice of acceptance

1 July 2020: Deadline for first draft of papers / visual presentation

27 July 2020: Returned to authors

10 August 2020: Authors’ resubmission for proceedings

17 August 2020: Final programme

31 August 2020 Presentation upload for conference