The Art of Landscape Architecture


For some time now, members of ILASA have felt that there is a need for a journal with more in-depth articles, refereed papers and book reviews for the landscape profession, similar to that provided by Architecture SA. The thought is that the journal would have critical, incisive articles, including those of an academic or research nature, and therefore have a different role to that of Landscape SA or Urban Green File, which serve the wider industry.

The journal will also focus on landscape architecture’s relationship and connection to other disciplines and professions. As such, in addition to articles from landscape architects, the journal could feature a range of reporting from experts in other disciplines. The journal content would therefore feature contributions from not only designers, but also historians, artists, lawyers, psychologists, ecologists, planners, scientists, philosophers, and many more.

In order to minimise costs, the journal would be issued in electronic format, similar to other online e-journals. The journal will be published biannually, with issues in January and July. Each issue will have specific themes and calls for papers will go out in each current issue for the next.

The Editorial Team consists of:

Editor (Liana Muller Jansen)
Text Editor (t.b.a)
Production Editor (Jaco van Niekerk)
Layout Designer (Carine Muller)
Editorial Board (Ankia Bormans, Graham Young, Neil Dunstan, Ancunel Steyn, Christine Thorne, Caron von Zeil, Donovan Gillman, Bernie Oberholzer)
Financial Team: (Ankia Bormans, Antoinette Raimond, Ancunel Steyn)

Contents to include (with sub-editors)

  • Scientific papers (Liana and editorial board)
  • Interview with noteworthy individual
  • Book review (Ancunel Steyn)
  • Photo essay / drawings (Graham Young)
  • Under the African sky (Caron von Zeil)
  • Under the Global skies (Ankia Bormans)
  • Technical (Donovan Gillman)
  • Opinion (Bernie Oberholzer)