ILASA launched an anonymous salary survey in May 2017 and received 140 responses. The graph above groups the results into 4 categories:

  1. Professional Landscape Architects
    This category only shows landscape architects who are registered with SACLAP.
  2. Landscape architects
    This category includes both registered Candidate Landscape Architects and Landscape Architects not registered with SACLAP.
  3. Professional / Senior L. Technologists / L. Technologists
    This category includes Professional Senior Landscape Technologists, Professional Landscape Technologists as well as Senior Landscape Technologists and Landscape Technologists not registered or registered as Candidates with SACLAP
  4. Professional / L. Technicians / CAD Technicians
    This category includes Professional Landscape Technicians, Landscape Technicians and CAD Technicians.
    The numbers in brackets indicate the number of responses per category.
    In terms of reading the graph:
  • the blue bar shows the full range of salaries (for example Profession Landscape Architects with 20+ years experienced ticked salary ranges from R12000 to R50000 +)
  • the green bar shows the average range(for example Profession Landscape Architects with 20+ years experienced earn between R45000 and R50000 +)

Some notes and comments:

  1. Although there were 140 responses 6 have been excluded due to insufficient data.
  2. One particular anomaly is the 5 – 10 year Landscape Architects category: the responses indicated that this group earn more than the 10+ year Landscape Architects category. Some possible explanations:
    • This category includes candidates registered with SACLAP as Candidates and Landscape Architects who own their own practice and intend never to register with SACLAP.
    • The survey did not differentiate between part-time and full-time employment so it is possible that the lower range of salaries may reflect part-time employment.
  3. The graph below shows differences between Gauteng and the Western Cape but conclusions must be made with caution: for instance in the 10+ year category there were 26 responses from Gauteng and only 6 from the Western Cape.

The graphs below show summaries of the responses per question: