Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship allows companies to be recognised by ILASA and to participate in industry related issues through their nominated employees who become individual members of ILASA.


  The Commercial Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship Include:

  • Marketing exposure on ILASA’s website and at its events.
  • The opportunity to network with the members in order to establish business contacts
  • By gaining individual membership for a set number of its employees, depending on the level of sponsorship chosen.
  • See the Sponsorship Rates table for specific benefits.

  Sponsors in the Consulting Companies Category Enjoy the Following Additional Benefit:

  • The right to use the payoff line ‘company sponsor of ILASA’ on any of the company’s letterheads, logos or correspondence.

Corporate Sponsorship Categories

  • Patron Sponsor (A multi year negotiated Sponsorship package)
  • Consulting Companies
  • Service Providers
  • Institutions

The prominence of Consulting Companies, Service Providers and Institutions as 1st, 2nd or 3rd Tier sponsors is further determined by the size of the sponsorship and by the number of employees whose annual individual membership fees they wish to include.

Sponsorship Levels

  • 1st Tier – Large
  • 1st Tier – Medium
  • 2nd Tier – Small

In recognition of the challenges of establishing new businesses ILASA provides for two additional sponsorship levels within the category of Consulting Companies:

  • 2nd Tier – Micro-sized company
  • 3rd Tier – Start-up company

Sponsorship Rates

ILASA Corporate Sponsor Application Form: download

For further information or to book a sponsorship contact ILASA:

Corporate Sponsorship Categories

Corporate sponsors receive exclusive marketing opportunities from ILASA. They also have the opportunity to nominate a stipulated number of their employees for individual ILASA membership. Individual membership will be allocated in accordance with the relevant categories stipulated in the ILASA constitution.

Corporate Sponsorship Categories Include:

  • Patron sponsorship
  • Company sponsorship (reserved for landscape architectural firms)
  • Associated company sponsorship
  • Contractor sponsorship
  • Supplier sponsorship
  • Institutional sponsorship

Company Sponsorship (Reserved for Landscape Architectural Firms)

Apart from membership for some of its employees, a company sponsor will receive the following marketing benefits:

  • An advertisement listing on the ILASA website
  • Recognition as a company sponsor at the major ILASA event of the year (conference or awards function)
  • The right to use the payoff line ‘company sponsor of ILASA’ on any of the company’s letterheads, logos or correspondence.

Patron Sponsorship (By Invitation Only)

Apart from membership for three of its employees, the company will be recognised as a ‘patron sponsor’ by ILASA with the associated marketing benefits. The company and its employees will qualify for preferential rates for any events or additional sponsorships available from ILASA.

Marketing Benefits Include:

  • Recognition as a patron sponsor, and therefore event sponsor at ILASA’s main event of the year (Awards of Excellence or Conference).
  • Recognition as a patron member on all official ILASA correspondence (monthly newsletter, ILASA website, awards and conference correspondence, booklets etc)
  • Free exhibition space in the foyer of each major ILASA event during the year
  • Free seating/delegate pass for 3 employees at the major ILASA event of the year (either Awards of Excellence or Conference)
  • The right to use the payoff line ‘patron sponsor of ILASA’ on any of the patron member’s own letterheads, logos or correspondence