Application for Activity Validation


What type of activity constitutes an 'Event' that can be Validated for CPD Credits?

The SACLAP Continued Professional Development Policy stipulates that Activities that fall under Category 1 include any; Seminar, Workshop, Conference, Colloquium, Educational Short Course, or Lecture that has relevance to the Landscape Architectural Profession.

In its evaluation of an application ILASA takes into account Section 6.1 of the CPD Policy which states that “A distinction is made between core activities that contribute to professional competence as opposed to non-core activities. In terms of the SACLAP CPD requirements, the core competencies are those that are identified in the Core Competency Table …”.

A copy of the SACLAP Core Competency Table can be accessed from the SACLAP website at The following links to the document titled Weighted Core Cpmpetency Table for the Landscape Architectural Profession – Nov 2016

The applicant is advised to make specific reference to the core competencies where the activity advances the education of registered professionals.

  • Validated activities guarantee CPD credits making them attractive to delegates,
  • Attract more interest,
  • Easier to motivate companies to send their employees to validated activities, and
  • Confidence that the activity will meet a certain standard and quality.

An online application form needs to be completed for review and approval by the ILASA CPD Committee.

 Please click here for the application form

  • Completed Application Form
  • Proof of Payment (refer to schedule of application fees)
  • Agenda or Programme
  • Curriculum vitae of each presenter
  • Sample of feedback form to be used during activity

  • A programme / agenda of the activity,
  • Duration of the activity,
  • A synopsis of the content of the activity,
  • The motivation of how / why this contributes to CPD,
  • The CV of the presenter(s), and
  • A recommendation in terms of the category of CPD the activity should be registered in.

The information in the programme / agenda should include:

  • The name of the host / organisation on who’s behalf the activity is taking place,
  • Title of the activity,
  • Activity description,
  • The date(s) and venue(s) of the activity (if repeated all the venues and dates)
  • Type of activity (conference, seminar, workshop, short course, etc)
  • The activity components (days, sessions, lunch and tea breaks, field trips, etc.),
  • Names of presenters and coordinators for each learning component,
  • Title and short description of each learning component, and
  • Start time, end time and duration of each component.

Although an awareness of related study fields is commendable, it may not necessarily contribute to the development of the knowledge base related to field-specific professional service delivery. The activities should be aimed at meeting development needs at one or more of the following levels:

  • Individual needs for professional development,
  • Employers’ needs for improved services,
  • Industry’s needs for excellence, and / or
  • National needs for economic development.

In line with the above the activity provider should ensure that the activity satisfies the following CPD objectives and that the supporting information describes how this is achieved:

  • The activities should meet both educational and professional development needs,
  • The discipline of participants should be clearly specified and reflected in the content of activity,
  • The depth and breadth of the subject matter should be appropriate, with sufficient time for discussion,
  • The subject covered should provide a balanced view and should not be unduly promotional,
  • The presenter(s) should have proven practical and academic experience and be good communicators, and
  • Evaluation forms for obtaining feedback on the activity must be provided for rating of the relevance, quality and effectiveness of all activities.

  • Ensure all attendees complete an attendance register and then send this to ILASA CPD Committee for their records,
  • Ensure all attendees complete an evaluation form providing feedback and rating the relevance, quality and effectiveness of the activity and then send this to ILASA for their records,
  • For short courses only, provide attendees with Certificates of Completion of the Course, and
  • Ensure the event or short course is presented as per the activity information supplied in the application process. (You are required to notify the CPD committee if there are any deviations from the activity information supplied).

If all information is correctly supplied as well as proof of payment received, it should take 3-7 working days.

Validation Fee Schedule 2019/2020

Yes there is an Application Fee to Validate an Activity for CPD Credits. Refer to the Schedule of Fees below.

Activity Duration Application Fee
1 Hour R 400.00
½ day R 645.00
1 day R 1,070.00
2 days R 2,020.00
3 days R 2,970.00
4 days R 3,920.00
5 days R 4,870.00

On the application form you can either select ‘single instance‘ or ‘multiple instance‘ activity. If the activity is recurring the validation will be 3 years unless otherwise specified.